How to choose the right vacation


Paradizo Norgano

There are many ways to explore the world in riches or in poor. While many people think that the best way to travel is in a luxurious manner, I found that even when I’m not limited at all by my budget there are places where I prefer to explore and see with my backpacker’s eyes and in other times planed luxurious experiences that I found worth saving for.

There’s a great deal of difference between a vacation and travelling that’s important to understand. while looking for a vacation aka- a mind and body break from the world a 5-star luxury hotel with a beautiful view will be my cup of tea, but when I’m travelling-looking to learn new things on the world and myself the answer is- dynamic lifestyle.  all around the world, there’s different cultures, beauties, stories waiting to be told, truths waiting to be shared. When you try to live as close as you can to the locals, to their lifestyle it will grant you a more genuine experience and you’ll get to know them and your surroundings better, it will allow you to absorb the real essence of a place and its people.

Paradizo Norgano (2)

Sometimes I can go travelling and after a few days or weeks need a vacation and the other wat around- you might need some action after resting… my point is that you need to listen to your body and soul to choose the right vacation for you.

The impact of travel can be life-changing, it can be a growth elixir where you get to know yourself better and better yourself, it can be a humbling mind-opening experience where you also make new friends if you will just let yourself sometimes to get lost… its soul food.

So… where are you right now in life and what do you really need?


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