Hey everyone, Welcome to my Blog!

In the past few years, I hade been asked repeatedly for travel recommendations & tips, and I realized that being able to excite, support and accompany someone to their fabulous next adventure can create a happier and at times even a changed person- an improved one and for me its a great satisfaction.

Why travel? because I believe its a form of therapy. there’s something about beautiful places that shorts out my thoughts, it makes me feel humbled and greater than life at the same time. the greatness of a place reminds me how small am I, how much I have yet to learn… walking to running, hiking with a tired body and a recharging soul. Oh, my friends…that out of body experience when you see the true beauties of this world and feel your soul gradually filling up with joy- I want you to have it all!

Big changes can happen in certain journies and those journies are the best kind, you don’t even have to travel far away to do those changes- sometimes the journies you truly need to take are within yourself- it can even be small things.

Life happens very quickly, and sometimes work and reality can get so busy that we forget how important it is to come back at least slightly improved from who you were the day before… I’m not the first nor the last to say and think that If I don’t learn something new every single day- it’s a wasted day, and let’s face it… feeling you are at the same place for a long time can cause some frustration.

All the above is why I decided to share my travels and the lessons I had learned in my life, I don’t have the wisdom of an old lady and I don’t claim to have it- but the way I think about it all, got me to a place where my soul is full and happy and I will love to help you and as many people as I can to enjoy life and strive to develop to the best version of themselves.

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