About Me

Hello everyone! This is me!

   My name is Yasmin and I’m a foodie traveller that loves music, adventures and the small things in life.

   I have 2 places I call home, One is in the Middle East & the other is in Europe. How so? well…

About me

As you might imagine, my two worlds are very different from one another and they are both a big part of who I am.

Since I can remember, travelling was a part of my family’s identity. My mum relocated to London after meeting my dad on her maiden voyage of discovery around Europe in the 70s. My dad is obsessed with picking up languages so growing up there was no need for google translate. Since I was born, they’ve always taken me along for the ride except for the times they left me accidentally at home, as adapted in the film ‘Home Alone’.

Every time I saw different cultures, experienced people, tastes, new friends and new views it made me more curious…hungry for knowledge and excited for the adventures to come! I am addicted to how it makes me grow and I want you to get addicted too.

When I got older and started paying for my own vacation I adapted my own lifestyle – a travel system that helps me get to the decision of where and how should I travel. Sometimes it’s in luxury, sometimes it’s with my big backpack and at times it’s with a tiny bag and the clothes that are on my body.

So, if you want to know how I decide upon a destination, my dynamic travel style and are interested to see where I go and get tips… I invite you to check out the rest of the website, join my journey and hopefully… it will lead you to your own!



Yasmin XOXO    cropped-paradizo-norgano-1-1.png

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