Winning weekend in Cartagena

The old town of Cartagena is a beautiful, vibrant, young, interesting city filled with plazas, Churchs, colourful buildings in colonial architecture style, People singing in the streets, street shows and events almost every evening! and the list continues..,

One of the things I liked most about this international Colombian city is the vast selection of cool restaurants & bars and the close islands getaways- all the ingredients for a perfect long weekend.

Cartagena’s Best Attractions


 #1 Old Town city walk


Walk around the old city at the golden hours, at this time the town gets more interesting and vibrant, the main plazas will have street shows and after sunset, the rooftop Regatton clubs will start to open!

#2 Restaurant hopping


Cartagena’s old city has many cool international and local themed restaurants, like the KGB restaurant on Carrera 7, that is designed as a Soviet Russia submarine and other great places like Perú Fusión, Mirador Gastro Bar and Alquímico

#3 Isla Grande & Islas de Rosario


From Cartagena’s harbours, you can get to many lovely places. I went on different day trips from the harbour at Av. Blass De Lezo street next to La Tienda de Parques Nacionales- There are public shuttles, organized tour boats and privet boats for rent.


#4 Playa Blanca, Barú, Cartagena

Beautiful but EXTREMELY touristic place, for me nature that is full of people is something I prefer to skip as it ruins the experience for me…  If you don’t mind many people or want to go anyway, go very early so you can enjoy it before its really crowded.

Where to stay

Stay at the old part of the city close to the sea. I stayed in hostels this time –El Viajero Hostal and NH Cartagena Urban Hotel both were walking distance from the promenade.

However, there’s an Isolated hostel named Casa en el agua, that is on a small island next to Cartagena … chack it out on ->

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