Yoga lovers listen up! THE YOGA FOREST

There is a wonderful Yoga Center, surrounded by nature in the woods… and the view once you get there is unbelievable! sounds like a fairytale? wait for it…  I’ve been told by locals someone had signed a path by painting flowers above stones in the village forest that leads to the yoga centre and so I did. You can find all of this next to San Marcos village in Guatemala.


The way there is lovely, filled with colourful flowers and once you arrive at the wooden gate, its a groomed part of the forest and has a small waterfall with stone stairs leading up. this centre has open wooden structures you can do yoga in and the whole place is magical, relaxing, and environment-friendly.  Doing yoga to the sounds of a flowing waterfall, birds and wind while watching the beautiful forest and the water of the Atitlan lake sounded by mountains is better then it sounds!

As our visit was very early in the morning we were very hungry after our morning yoga, we went to the restaurant of a Hotel called Posada Schumann next to the village’s shuttle harbour and ate breakfast in front of anything but an average view.

On our way back from the forest to the village, there where local men in the forest with huge sords and serious faces, I guess they were cutting trees, at least I hope so… haha. it got me pretty scared so we started to run- and with that, I finished my sports for the day.


The yoga forest offers different things and it is best to get updated on their website. the most basic thing to get there is the Yoga lessons that were twice a day that you can go to spontaneously unannounced at 7 am and 4 pm for 50 katzal per class.  chack out their website for changes and to know more-

Getting there

From most villages around Lake Atitlan, there are Boat shuttles. once you’re at the harbour of San Marcos you can go straight ahead until you see the little taxi Toktoks or just walk take you to the beginning of the forest and look for the flowers on the stones that will guide you there.

One of two yoga rooms, when the weather is good they take off the glass
The Yoga Forest gate


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