A day in Lucerne

So far, Lucerne is my favourite day trip in Switzerland. The main reason is that the area is not only beautiful and peaceful but very easy to get to via train from Zurich.

This stunning place can easily charm you to spend there a day or even a few… scroll down to see the list I made of the best things out of my trip!

#1 Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus 2

Mount Pilatus is a spectacular point of view, the photos I took show the beauty in most minimal of ways, it doesn’t truly capture it. The easiest way to get there is by a taxi or bus from Lucerne to the cable car station. (Address of the cable car: Schlossweg 1‬,6010 Kriens PB, Kriens, Switzerland.) 

 #2 Lake shuttle

Kapellbrücke bridge.jpg

Lake Lucerne is known as the “Lake of the Four Forested Settlements”, its the 4th largest lake in Switzerland. Go on a Lake shuttle ! the lakes ramified shape adds tremendously to its beauty and you can discover many nice spots along the way.


#3 City walk

Löwendenkma, lion monument
Löwendenkma, lion monument

A city walk is a must! here are some of the places I recommend not to miss Like the Kapellbrücke bridge, This lovely bridge is one of the cities main features, do yourself a favour and sit down to look at the bridge and swans.

Right next to it, there’s a nice church named Jesuit church that you can visit. One of the highlights of this walk was the Löwendenkma, lion monument- It left a great impression on me, there’s something very tragic about seeing the king of the jungle defeated with a broken expression… we continued walking around Sightseeing, admiring the lovely old town and only stopped for a drink (wine) on a lovely porch overlooking the city.

Mount Pilatus
Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus.jpg
Mount Pilatus
Mount Pilatus
Mount Pilatus
Kapellbrücke bridge
Kapellbrücke Bridge

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