Why getting lost is the best first day

How does your first day in a new destination look like?

Some of you go to see the well known famous tourist sites and ask the hotel reception for directions. Others pre-book a place at the best-rated restaurant on trip advisor, doing exactly what a classic tourist would do.  Don’t worry it’s not a bad thing – I do some of that sometimes as well, but rarely on the first day.

The first thing I do in a new destination is a lot of walking! I walk and walk wherever my gut tells me with no plans, through alleys in and out of nice random shops, random structures… architecture is art and I  believe that what you see around you can help shape your creativity and definitely the way you live..  and in a way helps you get a better understanding of the culture. I enjoy turning around and looking at the structures and imagine how they lived in it in the past, and witness how they live in it today.

Stop along the way to look around and have small talks to meaningful conversations with locals and keep wandering around the streets breathing in the culture, colours and vibes. it makes the first day fresh and exciting!!

You get to find the realistic -un touristic spots that give a true glans, a genuine taste of the destination. Try it! forget about the map-  go and really explore! once you do, or if you already did I will love to know how it made you feel!

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