Isla Mujeres the Paradise Island of women, Travel Guide

Isla Mujeres is a heaven on earth! White sand beaches, light blue waters, a variety of great views, epic sunsets and sunrises, located only 13 kilometres away from Cancun. The only downside that I see in this place is that nightlife is almost non-existing but in a place like this, believe me… you anyway don’t want the day to ever end! 

The Islands name is in Spanish and translates to “The island of women” which was given by the Spanish at the 16th-century as a result of the local’s belief, that the island is sacred to Ixchel, the goddess of childbirth and medicine.

My daily routine

Sunsets and sunrise here are absolutely extraordinary – which is why I didn’t miss a single one!

Waking up at 6 am every morning made me tired, but happy. Immediately after, or during the sunrise, I would attend a yoga class located at the top of a wooden structure facing the sea, right above the Buhos beach bar & restaurant.

Asai bowlOnce the class was over, I would go for breakfast at Aroma Isla restaurant, I would enjoy their simply yummy fresh products, as this a very vegi-friendly place. It was a great morning ritual that filled me with positive energy. After I had my fair share of nutrition for the day my travel partner and I would meet up and go for our daily adventure and return religiously and extremely hungry to our favourite comfort food and dessert. Later on, we would ritually go for a little rest on the beach, take a swim and watch the sunset. And even after such an exhausting day… I was still excited to fill my evenings with moving to the Latino beat!  Id finds myself wandering off to Hostel Poc-na dancing my shoes off in their Latin beach parties..!


3 things you can’t miss in Isla Mujeres

#1 Snorkelling with whale sharks

Swimming by, and seeing the whale sharks with my own eyes in action is definitely an amazing experience! Watching them suck in their lunch – microscopical creaturs named planktons and every movement of theirs was hypnotizing.
Being next to them, witnessing their natural habitat and realising how massive they actually are compared to us or to any other creature, is jaw-dropping!
I must say, that every time I witness such an extraordinary creation of nature, I immediately feel ever so humble.
In this magnificent part of the ocean, you can enjoy a yacht ride and even if you get a little seasick, I can guarantee that it’s highly recommended & worth it!

#2  Island Tour

We rented an ATV (a mini tractor) and drove around the island… Stopping at different attractions and basically wherever we felt like and explored different viewpoints.
Heres a list of spots you can’t miss!
  • playa Norte
  • Garrafon Natural Reef Park
  • Tortugranja
  • Bayview Point
  • Punta Sur

#3 Sunrise and sunsets

Words can’t explain, this photo was taken on a cloudy day and it was amazing! Although, the view you are able to see on a clear day is breathtaking.

Where to stay

The area you want to stay at is the Playa Norte beach. Mia Reef hotel, Na Balam Beach Hotel & Spa are great hotels. if you are looking for a backpacker-friendly hostel I liked Hostel Poc Na.






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