Quintana Roo- The Full Travel Guide

Quintana Roo is the hottest Mexican destination! known for its amazing coastline beaches and divine islands on the Caribbean sea, and surprise surprise… the weather is Caribbean too or in other words, it is very hot all year-round with a wet and a dry season.

This region has medium to small cities, villages & islands. the verity of beautiful places to see is vast so if you are looking to relax in haven this destination is for you. after a few busy months, I desperately needed a reboot, some vitamin D, be lazy and just sit and stare at beautiful places, for that Quintina roo was like a glove that fits perfectly.

For the different guides of destinations of Quintana Roo:


Isla Mujeres guide, press here↓

               Isla Cozumel guide, press here↓   




Cancun guide, press here↓







Playa Del Carmen and Tulum guide, press here↓Playa del carmen





How many days for this destination?

Between a week to 3 weeks, depends on all the places you want to see and if you love being in the water a lot or not at all. I was in Quintana Roo in total for 17 days, out of them I completely chilled for at least 9 days.


The main ways of travel are by bus, Colectivos, car, and shuttle boats to the different islands.

  1. Bus: the most comfortable and pocket-friendly transport between cities is by bus companies like ADO, there are lines to main cities every day a few times a day.
  2. Colectivo: For the day to day basis when you’re not carrying a suitcase and on your way to touristic places you will use colectivos= minibuses. every Colectivo has a final destination and a specific route with rutin stops but you can get off wherever you want even if it’s in the middle of a highway. wherever your going know from advance where you want to get off in order not to walk a great deal of distance to the desired destination and be alert with google maps even if the driver knows where you are going and remind him nicely.
  3. Car: when you plan of going to remote places or want to travel on your own terms rent a car

When you are packing or as soon as you get here. make sure you have the following:

  • Off bug spray, thank me later
  • 4 sets of swimsuits, it sounds much but when your in and out water constantly it’s needed.
  • 1 small bag, around Quintana Roo, is needed, mine contained at all times a little snack, fast dray small towel, and money.
  • 1 snorkelling kit. a good snorkelling kit is a very impotent component in order to enjoy sites to their fullest. the prices at the touristic spots are ridiculously expensive and don’t function properly most of the times.

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