Pakaya Volcano

If you are looking to enjoy a nice different kind of hike this is for you! but if you are looking to experience a volcano properly I don’t think this will be it… expect the smoke it is a regular mountain hike.

Papayas last eruption occurred in 2014, and since there are only certain areas that still produce heat that is enough to roast a marshmallow, create a lot of smoke and maybe ruin a bit the rubber on the bottom of your shows. this hike is short, easy and fun. the walk up the volcano and back is very green and very beautiful at the top.

Upon arrivel, you pay a fee to enter and you can add to it if you want a guide. I took a local guide that answered questions we had about this area of Guatemala and the volcano and when we were up we stopped next to some cracks in the ground that was warm enough and we roast marshmallows that I bought with me. the heavy smoke up there gives the view an apocalyptic dramatic view that I absolutely loved.

“Is it dangerous?” well, before deciding to go on any volcano hike you should know that no one knows when or if the next eruption will take place, you have to decide if you want to take the chances.




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