A weekend in Zurich

Zurich is one of the most expensive and powerful financial capitals in the world, located in the north-central part of the country. The city shares it’s Zurich lake, known as well as the Zurich sea with few other cities.

Lucky for them, almost every home among the buildings and roads in the city has some green view or a close nature retreat, and one of the best things about Zurich is the Transportation – fast, on time! the Trains, trams and buses are synchronized to perfection. A big downfall of Zurich is that it sleeps, there’s a lack of nightlife and everything closes by 21:00 sharp.

Top 5 In Zurich

#1 The Old Town walk, Altstadt

2018061249742803872861401357686968931534202413.jpgStart walking from Belleview Strasse along the lake into the old medieval structured town, this lovely walk is central and there’s a lot to see… I stopped in different places along the way and took my time like I like to do on the first day in a new destination


#2 Banhof Strasser

Little snack at Confiserie SprüngliBanhof Strasse is known to be one of the worlds most exclusive avenues for shopping.  Cafe’s & restaurants are everywhere and it’s the hottest meeting spot of the locals.

The class is everywhere- behaviour, appearance and exquisite proper customer service! keep in mind that all this glamorous chic doesn’t come cheap, at the known and loved by the locales Confiserie Sprüngli restaurant, a small strawberry pastry will cost about 9 USD.  But for as far as my knowledge goes food is one of the biggest pleasures of life, and its ok to be spoilt at times so Bon appetite!;)

#3 Museum‬s

201806125914834184106241355-13033037038411052251.jpgIf you appreciate art and history- you should go to some of the cities museums, there are many great ones. I felt like the structure itself of the Swiss National Museum is a work of art, a nice Renaissance-style castle with character.

#4 Lake Zurich shuttle


#5 Utliberg mountain hike

201806121808499351461798502-12147817547549436785.jpgThe woods around the city give the feeling of endless green and that you are far far away from the city. We started the hike walking up the Utliberg mountain and headed to Adlisvil area- big grass fields and a few cottages on the way that serve as restaurants. Our lunch was at the Swiss restaurant Felsenegg that overlooks the city and the Zurich lake and once we were tired and heavy from the food we used the Felsenegg cable car to get down the hill instead of rolling all the way down… haha we were definitely lazy and in need of a nap.


20180626_090406397811564518217189.jpgThe city is International and so is the food, great quality and amazing tastes. Swiss cuisine includes a lot of cheese and Italian influences, not only by the shared border but all over the country.

I strongly recommend going to a Raclette restaurant! its a dish of roasted potatoes and vegetables with melted Raclette cheese and herb mixes sprinkled on top, many restaurants offer it and some even specialize in it.











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