Cozumel Island Travel Guide

Cozumel is a divers paradise, many coral reefs and a hot destination for many of the big Caribbean Cruise ships. if you come via a shuttle from Playa del Carmen whos only 19 km away once you get off and walk along the pier locals will approach you and offer you attractions, and if you go for any of them a bargain! at least lower the price once. I got a big discount when I told them where I’m from, so if your Israeli tell them- we are known there for being persistent bargainers haha and if your not just don’t talk about your fancy crush and convince them you’re a backpacker, Muchiler in Spanish. and the prices of about anything will magically go down.
at the Centro part of the island, the very touristic part you’ll find many shops with souvenirs, and good value gold jewellery shops.

5 Top things to do in Cozumel

#1 Diving & snorkelling

The sea life here is absolutely stunning, even a simple snorkelling session will allow you to see some sea creatures and plants !as soon as you get off the shuttle to Cozumel there are many booths that offer different attractions I went on a boat to several locations like the Cielo beach and it had many starfish.

#2 A walk along the promenade


The promenade in Cozumel is full of Art, statues and Paintings alongside the beautiful surroundings complementing each other.  I stood for a while in front of a statue that I loved at sunset time, it was like watching a painting that the background colours change constantly and you can’t make up your mind what background is the prettiest.

#3 Save the turtles!

Between June and November, the sea turtles hatch from their eggs and groups of people go to assist them to reach the sea safely, some of the turtles face different challenges on their way.

Want to volunteer? the hours are 21:00-06:00 during the season, there’s at least 2-hour training before you can assist.

keep updated through the Facebook page

#4 Island tour



Rent a bike or an SUV and go around the island.

right in front of the port, there are many people offering their car\bike services, bargain for the cheapest price you can!

There are many beautiful and interesting places around Cozumel, you can hope between them or stay the whole day, whatever makes you happy.

  • Playa Azul – free
  • Palancar – morning parties -free

  • park playa mia -beach, lagoons, water sports
  • Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park – a big park with lagoons and beautiful beaches
  • Paradise beach- beautiful beach, pool
  • Punta sour- Mindor and jungle

#5 Hotel day pass

There are Hotels that offer a day pass that enables you to use the hotel’s facilities – pool, food and etc. It’s nice only if you’re here for more then 2 days, there so many things to do and see on this island before.

Hotels that I know that offer a day pass package:

  • Sunscape Sabor
  • Hotel B

#No! Dolphin Discovery

My experience

I had high hopes for this place because it said that the dolphins are in the sea and not pools and the locals assured me there’s no abuse and decided to go and see out of curiosity and the dolphins are exciting, beautiful and sop USD to be a wild animal.

being there felt awesome just for a moment and then it hit me- why they had scars on their bodies, how they are divided by nets into a little space. the fact that they have to do the same exercises with hundreds of humans so they could get food. at that moment it became triable for as long as it lasted.

the truth is that they are kept captive and what used to be a wild creature is now an amusement toy that became unable with time to survive out in the open sea by its own. honestly, I was ignorant about there situation before I went and came back very disturbed. I should have done some research before any activity with animals, but what’s done is done and I’m very ashamed about that I regret going there with all my heart. the heavy regret from that day was a milestone for turning vegetarian, I’m against zoo’s, ill never go or take my children to a circus, and understood that day that there’s no such thing as an animal-friendly cage. the only place to see them is in their natural habitat.

when I was little my family went to a Disney trip and wet and wild, I remember the whole show, everyone uploading, at first I thought how lucky the trainer was and then I started crying and asked my mommy why is he alone? where is his family? don’t he misses the sea? it’s amazing how when you are little you see the basic truth that you tend to ignore when you’re older.

I recommend to learn from my mistakes and don’t go there or anywhere like it 🙂

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