Fun day in Reserva natural de Atitlan

The Reserva natural ( national reserve) is a part of Pensachlal village, a small village around the Lake of Atitlan. there’s not much to do but see animals.

Seeing animals could be existing for people like me! I got to impersonate some of them (because no one should take themselves too seriously).  the place holds butterfly’s in a special butterfly farm, huge lizards, wildflowers, large mushrooms that grow on trees, waterfalls and wooden bridges. and yes- it gets better! there’s an option to go Zip Lining above all what I just described…I felt like I’m in the jungle book, it was pure fun.

Prices -They offer a ‘challenging route’ in 375 quetzal that includes entrance to the Butterfly Farm or a ‘regular zip line’ in 200 quetzals.



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