Lake Atitlan best view is at La Nariz del Indio Hike

If you want to get to this wonderful place at its best you will do a pre-morning hike up the hill to La Nariz del Indio observation point to see the sunrise. The view of  Lake Atitlan that you get there is the best one- on a clear day, you can see most of the lake and the surrounding mountains, volcanoes, towns and villages.

While my travels around the lake I met a local woman that told me that the name of this beautiful place La Nariz del indio= the Indian nose was given as an insult to the local Mayan people. The name known by the locals is Rostero Maya originated from the Mayan idiom name the  ‘Rupalaj K’istal’. she said that the saddest part is that locals are starting to call it by the insulting name because it became the known name of tourism purposes.

We left at 03:00am from the Chabad house (a centre for Israeli travellers)  in San Pedro via minivans to the starting point of the climb. We climbed about 40 min with torches, trying not to step on each other’s feet, avoiding the big mud polls that were laying around just waiting for me to fall in.

It was a cold night but the slippery climb kept the whole body working and warmed us up. Tip! Check the weather before, make sure that there’s a good range of view. (not reiney\cloudy) you can fined Many Local travel agencies in the main street of San Pedro village, and even tours from other villages like San Juan, San Marcos and Panajachel.

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