Tulum’s magic is in its history and beautiful beaches. I spent there only one hot and humid wonderful day, but I should have stayed there more, I will next time!

We started the day at the ‪Ruins of Tulum, the site is all in the open and there’s no shade at all! I was fantasizing about a hat and a sun umbrella the whole time we were there.

The seaside view is stunning and a real teaser so after glancing a few times at the blue cool welcoming waters we marched to the closest beach like excited children on the first day of summer camp. After a dip in Tulum Beach we walked to Playa El Paraiso where we stayed for a few hours, I mean, it does have paradise in its name and it is not far from it.


Getting to Tulum from Playa del Carmen is about an hour drive by car. if you don’t want to rent a car, you can go by a Colectivo( minibus) from the Colectivos Terminal. if you are coming by a Colectivo I recommend going straight to the ruins, once you are off the minibus that stops for you in the main road, just walk straight for 30 min or Rent a bicycle.




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