Cancun Travel guide

Cancun is a big city on the coast of Mexico, very popular vacation detestation spaciously for Americans- short fly and good value for money.

If you fly in, Cancun is usually the first destination you’ll visit. The city is filled and at times flooded with tourist all year round, And how not? It has beautiful beaches, water sports and luxury hotels.


Where to stay in Cancun

Hotel! The best hotels are at “The hotel strip” right on the coastline. Usually, the hotels take really good care of the nearest beach to them whether it is a privet one or not by cleaning waste and even seaweed, therefore, they have the cleanest, prettiest beaches in the city. the hotel strip, in general, has restaurants, bars and the best nightlife scan at the area. but If your travelling low-cost there are some nice city hostels like the Mayan Monkey Cancun Hostel, Agavaro hostel, and many more that you can find in the Hostel World app. The Hostels you want to stay at are maximum 20-30 min away from the ‘Hotel strip’ by car. to get there and back you can take a taxi or hop on a bus from the beginning of blvd Kukulcan that goes all the way to the end of the ‘Hotel strip’ and back.

The best things to do in Cancun


#1 Isla Mujeres island

The number one thing on my list might seem a bit peculiar because it’s not in Cancun…  all the reasons to go to this wonderful place and the guide of what to do is in a designated post. for some reason, people tend to visit the area without knowing about the beauty that lies only 18 kilometres away that has significantly prettier beaches then Cancun. if I convinced you to go there I urge you to be cautious, white fluffy sand and different shades of blue waters can be addictive.

For the Isla Mujeres guide press here↓

if your short of time and can’t make it to the dreamy retreat and short of money staying in a hostel, go at least for one day to a Hotel for its well kept Beach and even pay for a day pass that includes food and drinks. Relaxing and getting lazy is the name of the game guys!

#2 Nightlife

After that, the second thing you should plan is your visit to the legen…wait for it… Coco Bongo!!! , the Crazy Party Club That you shouldn’t miss. Can you Imagin professional dancers among ribbon Acrobats all dressed up in costumes that they contently change according to them throughout a constant party!?…….dery, freking legendary!!!

Nightlife is up and down the main street, cocktail bars to free alcohol bracelets parties. great places are easy to come by and yet, they are nothing but a warm-up for the Coco Bongo.

#3 Watersports


Different water activities are offered all around. and so, one of my all-time favourite, Scuba diving. getting a diving course, and all the dives that came after are simply one of the best experiences of my life. Especially diving in this area of the world where there is clarity of the water and rich coral reefs. I’m merely writing about it and the theme song from the Disney hit -“Under the sea” -little mermaid just plays on and on in my head and I feel incredibly grateful for this fun marvellous experience and the chance to see up close a so different and beautiful realm. additionally, There are many lovely places to snorkel all around, including the beautiful parks Xel-Ha, Xplor and Xcaret. the entrance fees are quite high so I recommend to choose at least one park according to your liking of the total package.

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