Volcanic Black Sand Beaches in El Paredon

El Paredon is a small village that lies upon the shores of the Pacific Sea, known for its high waves and cheap living cost that makes it into an ideal place for surfers.                The black sand got its dramatic colour from the tiny fragments of basalt, left by volcanic processes that occurred thousands of years ago.

We stayed at a beautiful Hotel named pacifico, where we enjoyed its great features like its proximity to the beach, pool, nice restaurant, bungalows and an outdoor waterfall shower as part of our room. All was lovely until we realized we had no air conditioning and the mosquitoes enjoyed us all night long… learn from my mistakes and stay in a place with air conditioning! close all doors and windows and pray they won’t get your blood.

The attractions around here are pretty basic, as I said above the main one is surfing. but you can find some other things to do when you are here like visiting the Turtle reserve and help release the newborn turtles safely into the sea- when they run into the water, sometimes in their hundreds… it is really a sight to see.

At the hatching season, there are many newborns every day, Keep in mind that the times the turtles are released can change and that it happens at the early morning hours to protect the little ones. I recommend going the day before ask to be on the safe side.

Foodwise, places to dine around here are numbered, no specific hours so you must pack food and snacks. The restaurants, hotels and hostels mostly only accept cash and I couldn’t find any ATM around the village, so make sure you arrive here with the amount of money you need and most importantly -the main ingredient for a good stay here is to bring every means of mosquito repellent that comes to mind!they are everywhere!!

El Pacifico Hostel
Info:  El Pacifico $$$ – Elad and Naama. Number +50257881200
El Pacifico
El Pacifico Hostel



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